Certification of Halal Meat in the UK

The final version of my research on certification of halal meat in the UK has been published and is available for download from the CIS website here: http://www.cis.cam.ac.uk/Report%20-%20Certification%20of%20Halal%20Meat%20in%20the%20UK.pdf

As well as some revision in content and an improved format that can be referred to by other researchers, this published version also contains the full transcriptions of the interviews conducted with the heads of the HFA and HMC within the appendices.

I hope it can be of some benefit in advancing the condition of the meat industry generally and the ‘halal’ portion of it specifically.


One thought on “Certification of Halal Meat in the UK

  1. Most ‘halal’ is sssssoooo narrowly interpreted…. only looking at how animal is slaughtered…. what about how animal was created (in factory), reared (in tiny cage)…. NOTHING Islamic about that! (think: how come ‘halal’ is often cheaper than that sold in mainstream supermarkets and shown on investigative TV programmes to include terrible lives for animals? Note several chapters are named after animals… they are “communities like you [humanity]” and we’re guardian….)

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