Another Year at CMC

Alhamdulillah, I will remain at CMC for 2015-16 academic year as a Research Fellow. As well as working to submit my book manuscript to Edinburgh University Press, I am working with my colleague Dr Harith Bin Ramli on a project called ‘Revelation and Language in Early Islam’. This connects our recent symposium with personal projects and a shared piece of research. Some of my publishing outcomes from this are:

  • A study of early Kufan approaches to juristic language and its link to the beginnings of usul al-fiqh (more on this when I confirm a couple of things).
  • An article revisiting Q. 24:33, the mukatab verse.
  • An article intepreting Q. 9:60, the zakat recipient verse, according to the Kufan/early Hanafi tradition. I have recently finished a first draft of this.

Shared publishing outcomes:

  • The possibility of a collected volume of papers from our recent ‘From Revelation to Scripture’ symposium.
  • A shared interdisciplinary piece of research (still in its early genesis).

A lot to be getting on with, but very exciting times, alhamdulillah.


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