Draft Intro for Chapter 1

Here is how I am thinking of starting Chapter 1 – The Moral Narrative of my forthcoming book The Qur’an and the Just Society,

In God’s wisdom all things begin and so shall they end. This is the idea that animates this chapter, a reflection upon the story that the Qur’an tells from the primordial beginning of human existence to its infinite future. Unlike the Torah, or Bible, in which the historical unfolding of God’s covenant with humanity is traced through the linear order of the text, the Qur’an’s moral narrative must be reconstructed from passages dispersed throughout its pages. In one sense this reflects more general principles of Qur’anic structure, in another it accords with the attention it pays to the metaphysical patterns of the human condition, rather than the history of particular peoples. It is God’s wisdom that informs His creation of the world just as it underlies both His strict justice and mercy in the Hereafter.


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