Welcome to my site. I am currently Aziz Foundation Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Cambridge Muslim College where I teach Islamic theology on the BA programme, manage the College’s research strategy and lead the John Templeton Foundation funded research project Beyond Foundationalism: New Horizons in Muslim Analytic Theology: here.

My first book is titled The Qur’an and the Just Society and is published by Edinburgh University Press: here (also on Amazon). I research and write on Qur’anic studies, Islamic theology and ethics. For further details of my publications, see here.

My latest book is Transcendent God, Rational World: A Maturidi Theology. It is a work of contemporary Muslim theology, drawing substantially on the Maturidi tradition (especially its eponym Abu Mansur al-Maturidi), as well as modern analytic and continental philosophy: here (also on Amazon).

The new monograph is the first publication in a series that I edit for EUP: Edinburgh Studies in Islamic Scripture and Theology. This features excellent, original monographs and collected volumes on the Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic theology, and their supporting literatures, classical and contemporary (including constructive exegetical and theological work). The series page is here.

My Twitter is @RamonIHarvey for announcements about new projects and activities, along with my reflections on academic Islamic studies and related interests.

Salam (with peace), Ramon.


  1. Hi Ramon,
    I am interested in buying your book, The Quran and the just society.
    May I ask, what faith do you follow?


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