More on the Second Book

I have recently had the good news that my proposal for a second book was passed at the Edinburgh University Press ‘Press Committee’. I am writing a contemporary theological work drawing on the Maturidi tradition and engaging with modern philosophy and theology (including Christian thinkers).

This book will dig deeper into some of the underlying questions raised by The Qur’an and the Just Society in terms of the nature of God, His attributes and relationship to humanity and seek to frame them in contemporary modes of thought. I therefore see the second book both as a continuation of the first, and as laying the foundation for further enquiries into ethics, hermeneutics and more.

Why stick with Edinburgh? I found the process of publishing with them both enjoyable and supportive and am very happy with the quality of the finished book. Even better, Edinburgh have welcomed the suggestion of writing a series of interconnected books.


Latest News

Just a few updates…



  • In the last few months, I have delivered papers on Islamic theology, exegetical history and philosophy at the Rahma Conference in Rome, SOAS’s Qur’an Conference and BRAIS 2017 respectively, all of which will become future publications in some form. There are also various new projects on the horizon, which I will endeavour to post about sooner rather than later.

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Update on the Book

Alhamdulillah, I have started a lectureship at Ebrahim College, London. My work at the college involves teaching, research and academic development work. See the updated About section for more on that.

I have received a very useful anonymous review on my book manuscript courtesy of my wonderful editor at Edinburgh University Press and am taking the time to try to bring the work to completion in the best way. Every writer can only dream of a higher word count and I am spending a 10,000 word bonus mainly on deepening the theological and ethical aspects of the book. I also have had time to reflect on some of the exegetical moves that I have made and decide if I need to do any ruju’ (ie, u-turns!)

Anyway, here is the cover (and spine) design for the book to whet your appetite:

Harvey fronts2.indd

New Article: The Preferences of al-Kisāʾī

I am pleased to announce my article, entitled ‘The Preferences of al-Kisāʾī (d. 189/805): Grammar and Meaning in a Canonical Reading of the Qur’an’, has been accepted for publication in the International Journal for the Semiotics of Law. It will be printed in a Special Issue on Islamic Law. For now, the Online First version is available [here].


Another Year at CMC

Alhamdulillah, I will remain at CMC for 2015-16 academic year as a Research Fellow. As well as working to submit my book manuscript to Edinburgh University Press, I am working with my colleague Dr Harith Bin Ramli on a project called ‘Revelation and Language in Early Islam’. This connects our recent symposium with personal projects and a shared piece of research. Some of my publishing outcomes from this are:

  • A study of early Kufan approaches to juristic language and its link to the beginnings of usul al-fiqh (more on this when I confirm a couple of things).
  • An article revisiting Q. 24:33, the mukatab verse.
  • An article intepreting Q. 9:60, the zakat recipient verse, according to the Kufan/early Hanafi tradition. I have recently finished a first draft of this.

Shared publishing outcomes:

  • The possibility of a collected volume of papers from our recent ‘From Revelation to Scripture’ symposium.
  • A shared interdisciplinary piece of research (still in its early genesis).

A lot to be getting on with, but very exciting times, alhamdulillah.

From Revelation to Scripture Symposium Programme

We have been able to publish a draft programme for the symposium I am co-convening at the Cambridge Muslim College on 12th September. I am excited, as I feel the programme is diverse, yet coherent. It is also great that we have managed to attract abstracts from internationally based scholars from the USA, Italy, Norway and Germany, as well as those from the UK.

This should be a really good opportunity to bring scholars together working in some way on the theme of revelation and to open up discussions to deepen our understanding.

To download the pdf with full details, including how to register to attend, please follow the link here.

Call for Papers – From Revelation to Scripture Symposium at the Cambridge Muslim College

I am happy to announce that I will be co-hosting a symposium at the Cambridge Muslim College on 12th September 2015. The full title is as follows:

From Revelation to Scripture: A Symposium on Divine Speech and Prophetic Inspiration in Islam at the Cambridge Muslim College.

300 word abstracts are requested by 10th July. Further details are here: