Beginning the Transcription – Siraj al-Din al-‘Ushi

Here is my current rendering of Bad’ al-Amali by Siraj al-Din al-‘Ushi. Note that this is not a literal translation and I have used Mulla Ali al-Qari’s commentary extensively in order to attempt to render it in pleasing couplets. Constructive criticism is welcome.


Spring’s Blessed Gift

Dispelling darkness like the sun each day

Muhammad’s birth, a month First Spring in name,

Rabi’ al-Awwal fragrant as perfume

Upon the Earth his scent made flowers bloom.


The Chosen One of God His Mustafa

The purest heart He wrought Safi Allah,

His soul borne by his mother Aminah

The bearer of the trust from Abdallah.


The one last sent as prophet to this world

Yet highest ranked his banner now unfurled,

Attach your heart as it flutters above

Hereafter you’ll be with the one you love.


Upon him be blessings from God and peace

Upon his house, his noble family